…are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, farmers and landowners, small and large business owners, veterans, health care providers, senior citizens, retirees, taxpayers, teachers, students, property rights advocates, environmentalists, restaurateurs, civil servants, church goers, republicans, democrats, voters, hunters, anglers, hikers, bikers, birders, artists, musicians, and members of communities large and small. As proud citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia we have a right to be heard and to have input into decisions pertaining to the Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP).

We therefore respectfully and collectively call on Dominion Resources, Inc., our local, state, and federal representatives, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the U.S. Forest Service (USFS), the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and all other local, state, and federal decision making bodies to slow the approval process down in order to more fully, thoughtfully, and transparently assess the pros and cons of the ACP, taking into consideration the following:

  1. Do we already have sufficient pipeline capacity to meet energy demands in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina?
  2. What are other energy efficiencies and alternatives to consider, such as solar and wind?
  3. Are the routes being proposed by Dominion the least disruptive routes to the states, our farmlands, our communities, and to the well-being of its citizens?
  4. What are the short-term and long-term safety and economic impacts on our forests, farmlands, water, schools, and communities?
  5. Is the use of eminent domain (“taking” of private land) by a for-profit corporation at the expense of the rights of its citizens to possess property and pursue life, liberty, and happiness considered constitutional?
  6. Should there be a better assessment of the jobs to be gained in the short and long term and whether other energy resource projects might provide an equal number (or more) of jobs?
  7. Is there a more comprehensive way to examine safety considerations, including the ramifications of leaks and explosions, the potential threat of terrorism and the question of why newer pipelines are failing at a faster rate than older pipelines?

Respectfully signed,

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58 Thu Feb 23 03:54:12 EST 2017 Christine Bowlen Virginia Native Plant Society Port Republic , VA Eminent domain for corporate gain needs to stop. This project is a bad idea on so many levels and needs to be shut down permanently.
57 Thu Feb 23 00:43:19 EST 2017 Bridget Kelley-Dearing Citizen\'s Preserving Rockbridge County Lexington, VA FERC must release a revised DEIS for the following reasons:

Prove that boring through the Blue Ridge is a practicable option, by providing reliable and complete geophysical data.

Disclose More....
56 Thu Feb 23 00:40:55 EST 2017 Bridget Kelley-Dearing Citizen\'s Preserving Rockbridge County Lexington, VA FERC must release a revised DEIS for the following reasons:

Prove that boring through the Blue Ridge is a practicable option, by providing reliable and complete geophysical data.

Disclose More....
55 Wed Feb 22 16:13:44 EST 2017 John McCue Friends of the Middle River Verona, VA It does not make sense to approve this pipeline when there is adequate pipeline capacity already available for the proposed end users. Dominion\'s only interest is in making more money, which is not More....
54 Wed Feb 22 07:45:11 EST 2017 Rebecca Benson Staunton, VA As a landowner in Susquehanna County, PA, I have seen first hand the promises that are made by energy companies and the same promises broken within a year. The thousands of jobs that were supposed to More....
53 Tue Feb 21 22:09:09 EST 2017 Marion Ward Staunton , VA From any perspective, this pipeline is a very poor proposal. Some understood this early. Now even more do and the public tide is moving against Dominion Power and the politicians under its influence. More....
52 Tue Feb 21 09:30:31 EST 2017 Bruce Hankee STUARTS DRAFT, VA The proposed pipeline would be laid very near my home and I am adamantly opposed to it. In addition to a health threat the pipeline will decrease our home values for the future and is an unneeded source More....
51 Mon Feb 20 13:03:58 EST 2017 Ann Murray Farmer in Augusta county, member Augusta County Alliance Waynesboro, VA Save these resources until future generations need them! Do not allow for profit companies to ruin our earth! Thanks
50 Mon Feb 20 10:13:36 EST 2017 Elaine Weems Friends of Nelson, Friends of Wintergreen, Appalachian Conservan Nellysaford, VA This is OUR land but continued destruction by failing environmental concerns will create a land we will not be able to live on or in concert with nature.
49 Mon Feb 20 08:38:10 EST 2017 James Berry Staunton, VA
48 Sun Feb 19 09:41:36 EST 2017 Rae Kasdan Waynesboro, VA This project uses private and public lands for corporate profit.
47 Sun Feb 19 08:59:38 EST 2017 Nancy Sorrells Freelance writer and historian Greenville, VA Bad project. Bad idea.
46 Sat Feb 18 19:11:39 EST 2017 Ryan Wagener Arlington, VA
45 Sat Feb 18 11:20:53 EST 2017 Jill Averitt Nellysford, VA
44 Fri Feb 17 20:41:54 EST 2017 Betty Simmons Augusta Alliance Lyndhurst, VA Alternative sources of renewable energy should be used rather than building a new pipeline, Existing pipelines can be used to lessen the dangers associated with pipeline explosions and leakages and to More....
43 Fri Feb 17 14:30:03 EST 2017 Mahlon Webb Swoope, VA The correct ethical decision is to halt this project. An ethical decision serves the greater good; no doubt all negative environmental impacts will create problems for all of us, where the completion of More....
42 Fri Feb 17 13:21:35 EST 2017 Ian Marshall Alexandria, VA Don\'t put short-term profits over long-term externalities. China\'s regional pollution situation is a real world case study, it\'s not just theory.
41 Thu Feb 16 23:39:40 EST 2017 Andrea Wasiewski Stuarts Draft, VA
40 Thu Feb 16 21:31:19 EST 2017 Gleamer Sullivan Grottoes, VA
39 Thu Feb 16 15:54:08 EST 2017 Janet Keane Vienna, VA
38 Thu Feb 16 14:56:31 EST 2017 Anna Finch Alexandria, VA Please think how this will affect future generations.
37 Thu Feb 16 12:21:45 EST 2017 William Bates 1939 Millboro, VA I live 1/2 mile from pipe line property values have decreased . Some families can`t sell at all . Look at the explosion in Texas and lines are SAFE .
36 Thu Feb 16 12:02:19 EST 2017 Linda Brauer Voices From Bath Warm Springs, VA
35 Thu Feb 16 11:36:31 EST 2017 Tara Schell Blue Grass, VA
34 Thu Feb 16 11:28:40 EST 2017 Larry Korte Churchville, VA The route is destructive and not necessary.
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